Development of physical and technological approach for electronic devices  on flexible substrates
08 Jan 2015
One of the most promising applications of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) is the fabrication of thin conductive films. Their excellent electrical conductivity and high optical transparency make SWNT attractive coating materials for a large number of devices and may become a potential replacement for indium tin oxide (ITO). SWCNT may replace ITO, which is currently widely used in LCD and solar cells, but is relatively expensive and fragile. SWCNT might surpass ITO in optical, chemical and structural performance. The formation of flexible transparent conducting films based on molecular composites consisting of CNTs and conducting polymers is ensured by the organization…
Development of regenerating electrochemical biosensors based on aptamer-activated carbon nanotubes and graphene
08 Jan 2015
The research and development of technological bases of formation of electrochemical biological sensors based on carbon nanotubes or graphene modified with specific aptamers to detect the content of viruses, and other disease markers in the blood, facilitating the transition to the establishment of new types of high-speed and selective diagnostic systems.
Functional molecular systems with resettable transport properties based on organic molecules and one-dimensional conductors
08 Jan 2015
We’ll suggest a comprehensive model to describe the interaction between the molecular chains and carbon nanotubes in creating quasi-one-dimentional conductive structures with resettable transport properties. We’ll formulate technological principles of molecular arrays for memory devices based on cross-bar structures of nanotube electrodes connected by molecular providing switchable transport properties. This will be the base for the development of sensor devices of electrostatic type and organic conducting electronic systems with the effect of the memory (memristor).

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