Single Molecular Probing Goes on Conveyor

Dr. Ivan Bobrinetskiy and PhD student Aleksey Emelianov participated in the 14th European Conference on Molecular Electronics (ECME), which was organized by TU Dresden, Germany, August 29th -September 2d, 2017.

Our scientists presented posters on topics “Organic field effect transistors with molecular channel formed between single-walled carbon nanotubes” and “3D laser patterning of graphene oxide films”. Alongside more than 300 scientists presented their researches in organic and molecular electronics. Unfortunately, none of Enterprises and SMEs that is a lot in Germany did not presented their results in bringing organic electronics to market. Nevertheless the number of talks in organic photovoltaics and polymer-based field effect transistors demonstrated quite promising results in efficiency up to 10% and charge carrier mobility up to 170 cm2/Vs respectively. This makes the organics electronics the most close to level when industry could take the advantages of organic electronics.

The most break-through results were presented in single molecular junctions between graphene nanoelectrodes. The technology of electrical burning of graphene electrodes goes really to high yield process that makes possible for statistically proved single molecular electronic circuits development.   

Next Conference will be organized in Linköping in 2019.

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