Carbon Nanotubes and Organic Electronics in Saint Petersburg’s Summer

Two nanotechnology-oriented conferences hold in Saint Petersburg. From 4 to 8 June in St. Petersburg was the 13th International Conference on Organic Electronics. The post-graduate student of our group took part in the poster session of the conference with the report "The role of carbon lattice functionalization on transport properties in polyaniline molecular channel formed in the gap between single-walled carbon nanotubes". The conference covered the topics in the main problems of organic electronics: new materials with high mobility, high quantum yield and extinction, reducing defects in films, growing large single crystals and studying their characteristics. Separately it is worthwhile to consider a new rapidly developing direction - perovskites, several reports were devoted to it.

From 3rd to 7th of July the 13th international conference “Advanced Carbon NanoStructures”. Two students, Nikolay Struchkov and Yury Polikarpov, and PhD student, Aleksei Emelianov, took part with posters and oral talks. Master student Struchkov presented a work related to graphene oxide reduction using modulated blue laser irradiation. Master student Polikarpov presented his poster about formation of nanoscale contacts to single organic molecules. The Aleksei’s talk was about ultrafast laser processing of carbon nanomaterials, including graphene functionalization, graphene oxide reduction and carbon nanotubes modification.

A lot has been said about 1D carbon chains formation, graphene growth and modification, nano diamond production, functionalization and using in applications and chirality-pure single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesis. There were interesting talks about different techniques for study of carbon nanomaterials such as Raman scattering, ARPES and XPS, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and low energy electron diffraction. 

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