Graphene on the Columbus’ motherland – no matter the result if you believe the way you are going
23 Apr 2016
The Graphene 2016 was hold this year in Genoa, Italy in 18-22 of April. Warm sun and beautiful city view met about 700 delegates attended at the Conference. It looks like already tradition to start from Prof. Andrea Ferrari report on the main results of the EU billiard project Graphene Flagship. Nevertheless the one part of report considered the way of previous technology revolution based on semiconductor electronics and comparison with graphene one considered to be the new one. The obvious conclusion to achieve the same groundbreaking results graphene community needs for more efforts and much more resources both from…
IFSOE-2015: Prospects of Organic Electronics in Russia
09 Oct 2015
On September 21st-26th, PhD students Aleksei Emelianov and Igor Fedorov attended the annual conference “2nd International Fall School on Organic Electronics - 2015” organized in the collaboration by Enikolopov Institute of Synthetic Polymer Materials RAS (ISPM) and Moscow State University (MSU). The venue, the same as the last year, was held at Soyuz resort, Istra, Moscow Region. Our scientists presented posters on topics “Single-molecular junctions based on polyaniline molecules and single-walled carbon nanotubes contacts” and “Narrow-spectrum optoelectronic switches based on thiacarbocyanine dye self-organized nanostructures”, respectively. In spite of the fact that the themes of the given posters were of a…
From fundamental chemistry to organic electronics
12 Sep 2015
Dr. Ivan Bobrinetskiy and PhD student Aleksey Emelianov participated in the 13th European Conference on Molecular Electronics (ECME), which was held at University of Strasbourg, France, September 1st - 5th, 2015. Our scientists presented posters talks on topics “Picosecond laser patterning of graphene” and “Organic field effect transistor with single oligothiophene molecules channel between carbon nanotubes and gold electrodes”. Alongside about 300 scientists presented their researches in organic chemistry and molecular electronics. The Conference balanced between the tight plenary sessions and fast poster sessions that made it more fundamental and of lecture type. In addition, the world recognized scientists in…
Graphene in Portugal
12 Aug 2015
From 20 to 22 of July in the University of Aveiro (Portugal) have been hold The 6st International conference on Advanced Nanomaterials, and also the 1st International conference on Graphene Technology and 1st International conference on Hydrogen Energy. The number of participants in these three conferences slightly exceeded 500 people. Among them the PhD student Aleksei Emelianov who presented a poster on the topic «The effect of graphene morphology and number of layers on the optical and electrical properties under UV photooxidation». The main theme of the conference was in advanced inorganic nanomaterials, including carbon: graphene and CNTs. In the…

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