More organics less electronics
30 Sep 2016
The students from our group participated in the conference International Fall School on Organic Electronics 2016. The school was located at Soyuz resort in Istra, near Moscow, Russia. In this year our group presented one oral presentation and three posters. Igor Fedorov presented the oral report on the theme «Mono- and tri-methine carbocyanine dye J-aggregates: Influence of aggregation promoters on optical and stability properties». Three posters were presented on topics: «TCTA based single-molecular organic field effect transistors with single-walled carbon nanotubes contacts», «Deposition on of electroactive molecules in micro and nano gaps» and «Development of nanoscale contacts for organization and…
Our student passed training in Spain
08 Sep 2016
The student from our group Maxim Guschin has passed the internship program in Laser technological center AIMEN. The center was located in small town Porrino on the east Spain. The most important work consisted in investigation of influences ultrafast laser on nanotubes. The laser is highly technological equipment, whose worked in femtosecond (fs) mode with a length of waves 532 nm (green laser). For tracking of behavior nanotubes was used multimeter and the student followed for changing resistance with time. Works of student contain a lot of experiments. After these data were analyzed was made some conclusions about the nanotubes…
Femtoseconds nanotechnology in Atlantic air
12 Jun 2016
One of our group PhD students, Aleksei Emelianov, took part in the secondment organized by Laser technological center AIMEN, which located in Porrino, Spain, from 3rd of May till 3rd of June. During the secondment he made experiments mostly with femtosecond (fs) green laser on modification of graphene and single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) surfaces. Graphene is a perspective material for future carbon-based electronics. In AIMEN we changed its morphological and electrical properties using fs laser pulses to achieve a higher Ion/Ioff ratio and to shift the Dirac voltage in a higher p-doping region. During the secondment we became familiar with…
Biosensros 2016: a biggest worldwide congress in biological sensing
11 Jun 2016
Our group attended one of the biggest congress in biosensing science. More than 1000 scientists from all over the world came here to share those results and to understand new trends in sensing. Also there were good exhibition of different devices for biosensing, such as ready for use platforms for biosensors, microfluidic systems, instruments for optical analysis etc. Conference took place in Gothia Towers in Gothenburg, Sweden. There is a special floor for conferences and exhibitions. Small exhibition was held there simultaneously with conference. On this exhibition conference delegates could see some equipment, especially for microfluidics, optical ma and different…

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