The Ministry of education and science of Russia has supported the research of The Bobrinetskiy GROUP
15 Sep 2014
We have received the support for Project “Development of regenerating electrochemical biosensors based on aptamer-activated carbon nanotubes for detecting markers of hepatitis B and C”. The aim of Project is in research and development of technological bases of formation of electrochemical biological sensors based on carbon nanotubes modified with specific aptamers to detect the content of viruses in the blood (such as hepatitis B virus), facilitating the transition to the establishment of new types of high-speed and selective diagnostic systems.
The Russian Scientific Foundation has supported the research of The Bobrinetskiy GROUP
03 Jul 2014
We won the Grant of Russian Scientific Foundation for Project “Functional molecular systems with resettable transport properties based on organic molecules and one-dimensional conductors”. As the technological dimensions of integrated circuits are decreased the individual molecules are attracting increasing attention as future functional components in the development of a new generation of computing devices . To precise chemical tailorability of molecules for specific functions is the basis for the creation of various electronic devices. In this case the control of characteristics of these devices during the operation can be performed using various external sources. The aim of the project comprises…
The students from The Bobrinetskiy GROUP attended the conference of the European Community for materials study
15 Jun 2014
Students of the department of quantum physics and nanotechnology participated in the International Conference E-MRS Spring Meeting 2014 took place from 26 May to 1 June in Lille (France) and collected more than two thousand members not only of the European Community of materials science but also scientists, politicians and businessmen from around the world. Young scientists from MIET took part in two of more then 30 parallel sessions with presentations on the use of carbon nanotubes in flexible transparent electrodes (Karina Akhmadishina) molecular nanocomposites (Alexey Emelyanov) and biological sensors (Anton Malovichko). Anton Malovichko became the youngest member of the…

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