A vast scientific symposium called NANOTEXNOLOGY was held in Greece from 6-th to 11-th July. This conference covered many aspects of modern nanotechnologies. PhD. Ivan Komarov attended the conference with Poster titled “Fast response aptamer modified biosensors based on flexible carbon nanotube film”. The conference covered many aspects of modern nanotechnologies: photonics and plamonics, clean energy, nanomaterials and nanoconstruction, polymer nanotechnologies, nanomedicine, bioelectronics and graphene related materials. Also there was exhibition where scientific instrument, graphene materials and different devices have been demonstrated. From the whole reports we can appropriate scientific trends which is listed below. Trends in nanoelecrtonics, plamonics and…
European Polymer Congress 2015 - Polymers in action in science and industry
07 Jul 2015
Ph. D. students Igor Fedorov and Aleksei Emelianov participated in European Polymer Congress 2015 conference that was held in Dresden, Germany, June 21-26 2015. Dresden region for the time being is considered one the main areas for the European microelectronics, organic and polymer electronics and industrial chemistry production and development. Thus, the venue was definitely chosen a right place to be held as it involved specialists from a majority of leading companies in these distant scientific fields, and fostered their close discussions and further cooperations. The conference was attended by more than 1000 scientists with various areas of interest including…
Workshop on graphene biosensors - an overview of biosensor trends in Europe
07 Jun 2015
PhD. Ivan Komarov participated in the Workshop on Graphene Nanobiosensors, which has been held in Barcelona, Spain from 25th to 26th of May 2015. The conference started from short speech from Nobel Prize Winner Kostya Novovselov about future perspectives of 2D materials (not only graphene, but also materials beyond it) in biology, healthcare and membrane technologies. Over 50 scientists presented their research and innovative results in graphene and carbon nanomaterial based biosensors. Therefore, conference provided very dense field of interest. Main trends of graphene-based biosensors are the next: different types of functionalization and modification of pure graphene (for sensing and…
Graphene Conference in Bilbao – on the way to industry
02 Apr 2015
Ivan Bobrinetskiy participated in the 5th edition of Graphene Conference series, which has been held in Bilbao, Spain from 10th to 13th of March 2015 at Bilbao Exhibition Centre in the frame of largest European Event in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, ImagineNano. About 700 scientists presented their research and innovative results in graphene and other 2D structures. Moreover the oral talks in non-Graphene materials took about quarter of all time for Plenary session. Also a number of workshops, industrial forum as well as brokerage meetings were organized during the Event. Many scientists force graphene research to industry abdications. Despite of number…

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